September 12, 2010

34 years after

Today is Leonard Peltier’s birthday.  He has been in prison since 1976.

Peltier was convicted of the murder of two FBI agents after a shoot-out on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.

Whether or not you believe in his guilt, there is this to be said about his trial: at least four witnesses have recanted their testimony and the ballistics evidence seems highly questionable

One version of what happened is here and a different version is also available.  There is a free Leonard website and a site urging no parole. It was rumored that Clinton might pardon him, prompting 500 FBI agents and their families to gather in protest.

Robert Redford and Michael Apted made a documentary about the case called Incident at Ogalala.

Leaving aside discussion of the FBI vis-a-vis the American Indian Movement, his trial was conducted during the politically-charged  ’70s  and long before FBI laboratory practices came under scrutiny.  He has spent most of his sentence at Lewisburg Penitentiary, but was transferred last year to the prison at Canaan, Pa.  He was very badly beaten up there and so was moved back to Lewisburg.  He was 32 when he went to jail.  He is 66 today.


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  1. Is it a another case of which way did they go George? raising the old ??????????
    very interesting thank you Jean


    Comment by avery zia — September 12, 2010 @ 2:20 pm | Reply

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