October 15, 2011


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Many happy returns to Emeril Lagasse, a true son of New England  (Fall River, Mass.), who flourished like the kudzu when transplanted to Louisiana forty years ago.

We also celebrate P.G. Wodehouse, creator of Jeeves, author of 96 books and a lyricist of accomplishment.  He wrote the original book for Anything Goes and wrote the lyrics for ‘Bill’ in Jerome Kern’s Show Boat. He created the quintessential English twit in Bertie Wooster, but did much of his work on this side of the Atlantic.

Wodehouse, living in France when the Germans arrived, was interned for much of the war. He did some radio broadcasts  based on his internment – under the aegis of the Germans – which led to a great deal of ill-will toward him back in England, so after the war,  he and his wife moved to the US and he became a citizen in 1955. The Wodehouses spent the rest of their lives in Remsenburg on Long Island.

Here’s a Jeeves and Bertie Wooster that would have pleased Wodehouse:


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  1. omg that was amazing – house!! love it! Happy Bam-day Emeril 😉


    Comment by ninachat — October 15, 2011 @ 10:39 am | Reply

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