February 25, 2014

Freeing the Net

My  first draft on the topic of ’10 Reasons the Internet Isn’t Fun Anymore’ has been on the back burner now for several weeks – long enough in fact that a number of other people have blogged pretty effectively from the same (or similar) perspective.

google at lunch, photo by jchatoff

google at lunch, photo by jchatoff

Apparently, I’m not the only one ticked off by the increasing lack of choice, high price, poor service and monetizing of everything, but the straw breaking the collective back is the failure of the FCC to enforce net netrality.

So, let me direct you to a comprehensive and detailed essay on the entire situation by Nilay Patel at The Verge. Totally covers the common carrier issue, which is at the heart of everything.

In the meantime, another nice bit on just who we’re dealing with was in The Guardian a day or so ago – it gives us a little insight into the so-called tech culture.  It’s short and lively, but the very best part is the comments which follow. To my very great joy I found that there are others who also think  Google+ is the most annoying, pointless, dog’s dinner of a – well, I don’t even know what to call it – thing of some sort that Google keeps trying to foist on us.

In any event, it’s not just because I’m lazy and incompetent, but because I’m intellectually humble – excuse me, is that Google calling? – that I refer you to others. They’ve done a wicked good job.


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  1. I hate google+


    Comment by ninachat — February 26, 2014 @ 11:35 am | Reply

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