April 30, 2014

Thinking it through

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Well, at least one website is thinking about its users and has decided not to bully them:

(Option available at Wikipedia)

(Option available at Wikipedia)

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And speaking of thinking, a Facebook friend posted this:

It’s a page of links to the free college and university courses offered by various institutions (MIT makes not only lectures free, but all the required reading materials as well) and it is a veritable treasure chest.While waiting for 18 lectures on Colonial America from Stanford to download, I noticed a link in the margin to something called iTunes U. I clicked on it and found myself in the Apple Store, a place I rarely if ever go.


Another click on the iTunes U menu and seemingly all the great minds of the moment – from every corner of the globe – were available to me at no charge.

What an embarrassment of riches! Making a choice is the hardest part, but I wound up listening to a very interesting talk, one of the Sidney Greats Lectures from Cambridge University, on Descartes. I found myself in complete agreement with Professor Gilbey that our Cartesian outlook has been warped by a small but significant mistranslation. Je pense, donc je suis, is best translated as ‘I am thinking, therefore I exist.’

I was sure that I was the last person on the planet to discover iTunes U, but apparently not. If it’s new to you as well, I urge you to try it.



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  1. Fab fan F ab


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