April 19, 2016

Unequal pay days, Part II

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Well, that was easy -thanks to a website called, the effect of gender bias on paychecks all the way through our sunset years is right out there.

The two little dimes that women don’t get when dollars are being handed out add up, on average, to  $3,600 every year of retirement. Here’s the nice graphic:


So, there you have it. Women are still living a little longer than men,  but if you think they’re having more fun, forget about it. You can find them during the last week of the month at the food bank or outside Whole Foods looking for donations.

*  * *

Californians, heads up – an Assemblyman from San Diego is trying to get rid of the Coastal Commission and flogging the bogus argument that cities and counties can handle our beautiful coast more effectively.

No, no, no. Never mind all the obvious arguments in favor of state-wide environmental policy, riparian rights enforcement and the fact that cities and counties can’t hand off their beach responsibilities to the state fast enough.

No, the true test of the California Coastal Commission – which has been an official non-partisan, quasi-judicial body since 1976 – is that over time it has managed to outrage everybody at least once.  You can’t ask for more.

Unless of course you are a rich person in Malibu determined to keep the hoi-polloi  out with fake No Parking and No Beach Access signs or that bane of modern American life, the Developer.

So if you can find out who represents you on the shadow planet Sacramento, tell them no messing with the CCC!




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