April 12, 2016

Happy Pay Equity Day!

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Or equal payday or pay day or something. Not very catchy and what does it mean anyway. And why April 12?

Ah, well, once you know that, you know everything. Here is how the White House visualizes it:


Got that? Women work 15 and a half months to earn the same money men earn in 12 months.  (For comparable work, etc.)

Elizabeth Warren calls it a national embarrassment, quite rightly.

Whether or not anyone will correct this shameful situation is debatable – we have, after all, so many shameful situations to correct…

What I would like to know is, what are the ramifications of this discrepancy when men and women reach retirement age? Are the 20 million-plus women receiving Social Security benefits on average receiving 20% less?

Okay, I am not going into the weeds on this, trying to figure out how FICA deductions are affected, because I honestly haven’t a clue – I’ll ask the SSA and get back to you with their response.

box factory

These ladies working in a box factory would have liked a little gender equity. LoC



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